Bryant Publishing Company

PO Box 872

The Dalles, OR 97058

Information on having Bryant Publishing Company produce your book.

Bryant Publishing Company will provide you with requested copies of your book in lots of 100 each.

Your cost.

One time set up charge of $100.00.

This charge provides you with:

A proposed cover design;

A ISBN bar code unique to your book. (Bar codes are necessary if you wish to sell your book where other published books are sold);

A electronic copy for use with the Electronic Copyright Office. Fee(s) associated with registering your book with the US Copyright office will be your responsibility;

A draft copy of your book.

After you approve the draft, with requested typo or spelling changes, we will produce a second draft copy. You will then approve the changes made. After this second draft has been produced, any major revision of book content will necessitate an additional charge, payable before we produce the final book.

Book to be bound with perfect binding, also known as adhesive binding.

Book cover will be 80-pound glossy paper, printed one side.

Inside page paper to be minimum of twenty four (24) pound, and minimum of ninety (90) brightness.

Per cost of your book will depend on number of inside pages. We will provide you with a firm cost after you decide on the number of these pages.

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